Triplets Foundation Uganda

“What we do for ourselves dies with us

What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”

Triplets Foundation Uganda (TFU) is our project to help children get back into school and start to build a future for themselves and for our country.

Not simply seeing the problem but making the solution a reality

Some basic facts about life in Uganda

Our beautiful country is facing tremendous challenges in building ways to provide a good life for all the citizens. We have the youngest population on Earth, our average age is 15 years old.  Half of our entire population are kids.  Compared to the population of the United States, it looks like this:

Data retrieved from The World Factbook

What differences can we see?  The orange section is the productive part of the population, these are the people who work, run the institutions and businesses and produce the food and essential services for the red and the yellow sections (the little children and the elderly).  In the United States, you can see that for every child and elderly person there are 2 productive members of society.  In Uganda, it’s the other way round.  For every productive member of society there are nearly 2 children and elderly people. Not only that, but there are more and more babies being born every year.

So what does this mean?  This means that for millions of children here, finding the money to go to school is an impossibility.  Some will go into child labour, some will beg on the streets and some will search through the rubbish for anything of value.  Not all of them will live to be adults. What future can they look forward to?

Look closer at some of our videos.  We showed you the way children live here

In our video Kyana Gwe we told you the story of the kids searching for something of value in the rubbish.

All at once, Alex finds a lost mobile phone! ?  He can’t believe his luck! Ada is next to him in a second and it’s not long before the snoozing Ronnie is wide awake with all the excitement.

The other children rush in and they dream about having the life of the rich kids that have mobile phones.

They do selfies, have imaginary conversations just like rich kids and dance for the camera like the pop stars they will have seen on TVs through shop windows.

In our video Follow Follow a little girl of 8 or 9 is selling fruit on the street to make a little money.

But what protection does she have against thieves and tricksters?

In a second, the small money that took her hours to earn has all gone with a man twice her height, stronger and faster than her.

Amazingly, the other kids have a plan for making that money back.

It’s no secret that the millions of kids who aren’t in school are the victims of some of the cruelest brutalities.

These children haven’t chosen this life, they’ve been forced into it by circumstance.

Who protects them from the attackers to whom they are such easy prey?

Getting the kids off the streets and back into school isn’t just an education, it’s life-saving.

So, think about this. Had there been no Kavuma to go out into the streets and rescue these children, you wouldn’t be here reading this website.

You would never have seen Alex, Ada, Ronnie, Patricia, Fred, Nyangoma, Isaac, Manking or Kokode. Now they feel like brothers and sisters to you thanks to one man.  Instead, they would have been facing the daily dangers of living in extreme poverty: the streets, the shanty town and the despair.

Triplets Ghetto Kids is all about the extraordinary power of doing good

This is the reason we have created the Triplets Foundation. The foundation gives more and more children a safe home and guarantees them a full school education, at the moment we have over 50 children thanks to the donations of so many people around the world.

Please consider donating to TFU either by PayPal or you can contact us through our contact details



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