We will never let the world forget you, our brother

In November 2015 we lost our brother, Alex, but we vowed never to let him be forgotten so we decided to give him his own special home here so that everyone who comes here can see his smiling face and find out about how special he is to all of us.  

There’s a lot that people don’t know about him. He packed a lot of living into 14 years, more than some of us do in a whole life!

Alex was born in Kampala in 2001 to two working parents. He lived with his parents and 2 younger brothers Isaac and Allan in a slum.  At 7, he had to stop going to school and start hustling.  This would often be volunteering for odd jobs for tips. He had to be astute and fast, the first to volunteer, the fastest and the best so you’re the first to be picked next time around. Competition for a few coins is fierce! 

Little Alex liked to be called ‘The Outlaw’, he saw himself as a rebel.  Even though his situation wasn’t good, there was no way he was taking it lying down.  When odd jobs were scarce, Alex would find himself begging. If all else failed, he would resort to picking through the rubbish. He wasn’t fussy and he was damned if he was going home empty-handed.  He tells the story himself:

Another thing he tried his hand at was street performing and competitions to enter dance events. Among all the children trying to be noticed for their talent, Kavuma spotted him, leading to a conversation, an agreement and a futre that nobody could have imagined possible.

Alex was a keen learner and the training lead to him performing in some public events and music videos like Eddy Kenzo’s Mundeke (near the beginning) and Zivuga (at 2:40 minutes).  He also began going to school and money from the shows helped pay for his school fees, his keep and also for the wellbeing of his family.  Watch him here:

Alex was the pioneer Triplets Ghetto Kid and his style and attitude went into creating the dance group. He was the first person to help Bashir Ada Lubega leave behind his life on the streets and begin his climb to international stardom. 

Alex was 12 when the first version of Sitya Loss went viral.  The success of the video and his appearances in Eddy Kenzo’s previous videos made him one of Uganda’s newest, youngest and favourite rising stars.  He was often called Alex Sitya Loss by fans and the media, many of whom saw him as the ring leader, but Alex saw himself more as a big brother.

The growing dance group of Triplets Ghetto Kids performed in festivals, events, tours and on TV while their videos continued to clock up hundreds of millions of views online. 

Alex starred in a short documentary with the BBC and another with Canal Plus from France.  He showed the camera crews around the streets of Kampala and showed them his home and explained to the French crew that he wanted to be the president of Uganda ?

He was seriously wounded in a bicycle accident along with Patricia when the brakes failed. He passed away a few hours later in hospital.  He rests in peace among his ancestors but he left behind thousands of broken hearts and 16 videos eternalising a now legendary Alex Ssempijja.  People love him because he was confident, fast, funny and had a natural sense for the beat.  Alex’s broad, beaming smile is never defeated by any amount of hardship or misery.

Please leave your thoughts about Alex in the comments.  Tell us: What do you like about him, which is your favourite of his videos? If Alex inspires love in you, then find something you can do to make him proud of you and do it.  Then you’re massively in the spirit of TGK Family and we want to hear about it.  Add it to the comments or to your social media #TGKalexaliveinme

Alex used to help us buy clothes, I was always so proud of him and happy he was doing so well.

Irina Nabona

Alex’s mother

He bought us clothes and shoes. At night when he had money, he could take my little brother Allan and me to get chips.

Isaac Ssempijja

Alex’s brother

He loved so much.  He liked me more as I was his little brother.

Allan Ssempijja

Alex’s brother

My son, you will always be my star.

Kavuma Dauda

Ticha Manager

RIP Alex, my brother.

Eddy Kenzo


Alex was always inspiring, he had no end of energy.

Patricia Nabakooza

Triplets Ghetto Kids

Alex kept his temper cool at all times.

ManKing Da Rapkid

Triplets Ghetto Kids

You’re my sunshine, you’re my shining star.

Isaac Tumusiime

Triplets Ghetto Kids

Alex, you will always live in our memories, rest in peace.

Bashir Ada Lubega

Triplets Ghetto Kids

I identified a lot with Alex, he was very confident and kept saying we were going to be stars.

Ronnie Vybz Ssentongo

Triplets Ghetto Kids


  1. Rest in glory Alex. Your story is not yet over.

  2. Alex ,you are still a star in heaven with God. You are in our hearts. You will never be before gotten. Rest in peace. From Canada.

  3. I don’t know you neither have I watch any of your videos before. I just saw a post about you and that tells me how great u were…. Its so sad to know a great guy like u has been taken away by our maker but he knows best…. Rest in perfect peace dear still we meet again rest well…

  4. Shine on your way, Alex. You were my personal best!

  5. The greatest tribute to a loved one who is no longer with us is to carry out the project they started.I first saw The Masaka kids in April 2018.I was amazed at the beauty and talent of Triplets dancers.I wish much success in life for all of Uganda’s children.

  6. You were an inspiration to many. I really love the ghetto kids and as your fans we’ll miss u RIP

  7. Rip Alex, you used your time properly, what you showed us will never leave our memories. Your love,kindness,bravery,your smiling face, commitment trough dance industry, you inspired me to watch tgk videos, May God bless you where you are

  8. Meus olhos encheram de lágrimas ao ler sobre a trajetória de Alex e sua partida tão precoce, mas em sua rápida passagem foi capaz de iluminar muitas vidas.


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