Remembering Alex

Alex smiling from a tree Ghetto Kids

We will never let the world forget you, our brother

In November 2015 we lost our brother, Alex, but we vowed never to let him be forgotten.  We've done many things to keep his memory present and one thing is this: we decided to give him his own special home here on our website so that everyone who comes here can see his smiling face and find out about how special he is to all of us.  It has been very painful but we want to remember the great things about him and the happiness he gave us.

Alex was the first of the Triplets Ghetto Kids, he was the older brother.  You’ll see Alex’s long smile and witty humour in all of our early videos. Many people know him from Sitya Loss and call him "The one with no shirt on" but he's also the one who started of all the dancing.  People loved him because he was confident, fast, funny and had a natural sense for the beat. Alex was vital for making that video a success and making Triplets Ghetto Kids a world-famous act.

Don't forget that other great videos to see Alex in are Follow Follow and Kyana Gwe. Alex's final performance in Victory is also a memorable one and the way we like to remember him, laughing and smiling.


Alex Triplets Ghetto Kids

Alex was excellent at warming the heart and making you smile

Alex, Triplets Ghetto Kids president of Uganda

He once told a European reporter that he planned to be the president of Uganda 😀  Maybe he understood that even the smallest street kid can become the greatest person in the country.  He also explained to a BBC reporter what his life was like before we started Triplets Ghetto Kids.  Listen to him talking:

But when we all came together, it was as if a type of magic had changed everything for us

We had a home, a plan and a place in the world. We had each other.

Alex's letter to us all

Alex left us all something very special. He's handwritten a letter to each one of you. Look 🙂

Letter from Alex Triplets Ghetto Kids

More to come...

Please help us make this a happy space for the memories of Alex to stay.  Leave your own special message and wishes for Alex.  

Come and meet the rest of us! Say hello to Fred, Patricia, Ada, Isaac, Ronnie, Ashley, Nyangoma, Kokode, Man King and Kavuma 🙂

Watch Alex in our videos and discover some of the new ones

Find out what life was like for Alex before and how his dream Triplets Foundation Uganda helped him

Read the lyrics to Olé or find out the meaning to Sitya Loss

Rest in love

Alex ❤️️

238 thoughts on “Remembering Alex

  1. buenass desde guinea ecuatorial africa…el chabal era un buen bailarin y fue una perdidad grande para ugando y africa un talentoso bailin espectacular..descanse en paz

  2. Alex R.I.P. You are a light that still shines in this group. It brings joy to think how I don’t know you guys personally, but your story has touch my life. I find myself smiling a lot more even when life gets hard. Keep up the good work and I pray for each of you that you are protected. Love you guys and Alex you are missed but will never be forgotten.😘

  3. Hello my dear boys!
    Alex has gotten them the joy of having a family. So much love and good energy you transmit us with your dance and your song. He lives in you, and so also in us.
    Thanks to life because it gave us a brother who left us a message and an example of hope!
    Thanks to life because, in saying goodbye, it taught us that we can and must continue to give happiness to the world!

    Blessings for Africa and all Afro-descendants around the planet!
    Blessings for Uganda and all her sons!
    I wish you happiness!

    Receive a sincere hug from me and my family that we dance with your videos.

    An Afro-Mexican brother

  4. I would like to know what happened to Alex. May his soul and life live on for ever. These children are wonderful dancer and i never seen dancers like these before. Keep up the good work you all.

  5. Rest in peace Alex you were a great dancer and one of the cool kids thanks for those moves I keep looking at the sitya loss video trying to watch them moves I’m 42 lol I have to give it up but you are loved a missed by many and never will be forgotten

  6. For Alex

    Listen to Dansi Naye from the album, My Brother’s Keeper, by Ochichi, a song written for the Triplets Ghetto Kids in Uganda in honor and memory of Alex Sitya Loss. Ochichi is donating this song on digital distribution sites with proceeds going directly to the Triplets Foundation Uganda in the spirit of their motto: “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

  7. Hi Triplets remember me, me and my friends chased your limo one Summer Splash and We saw you at Sons of Italian and we saw you at our church twice

  8. I Just Recently Watched All Your Videos & You All Are So Talented & Strong ! You All Inspired Me So Much .. Rip Alex God Bless Him & All Of You ! Never Give Up & Always Give Your Best

      1. I’m afraid we can’t provide personal contact details for any of the kids as it’s our obligation to protect them. You can interact through the social networks any time you want via comments. Please understand that we put their safety and wellbeing above everything else. (The Management) That aside, thanks for making your comment and for your support and love.

  9. A tribute for him..

    We loved you bro, it’s hard to believe
    It’s come to an end and we can’t retrieve
    You were a good friend so sweet indeed
    Only one thing man, rest in peace
    You were such a good example
    A role model,no other to resemble
    Free of scandal
    Transparent and humble
    Nothing to say but light a candle
    And say goodbye old friend

  10. I cannot completely watch you guys because i cry tears of joy all the time. You are blessed. I love you and and I always show my daughters your videos so that they know what hard work and that ONE move from God can Do. Rest in peace Alex.

  11. Ahhh Alex..I’ll never forget the day I found out you died..I was floored..truly a sad day for me..the emotions always come back when I remember it..
    I can honestly not watch a new Triplets video and not wonder how you would have looked adding your own little flair to the moves.Such an amazing talent and THAT SMILE!!..It just makes you smile..When I watch the vids I can see that you were a fun loving guy..I’m sorry you had to go..sorry you didn’t get to do everything you wanted and to continue sharing your talent with us..but we’re still thankful for what you did manage to give us in the time you were here. ” Kikole” is my favourite video..I loved the vibe..the river..the comraderie..awesome stuff..Watching the vids you were in are bitter sweet..I always just sigh and say “ahh Ssempija”..I’m worlds away from you..but you and the Triplets…you guys have done amazing things. Rest in Peace my dear Alex..Rest in sweet peace.
    From TR ( Jamaica)

  12. Continue to rest in peace Alex,we love you so much but God loves you more. You are unforgettable Alex,you will always be our hearts and for rest of you may God watch over you all. I love you all so much

  13. Until nw i have never forgotten the time u found me at shearling hall Nsambye dai Alex why you,,,,,,,,,,, up to now i have never stoped seeing your face in my saight,,,,,,i wish you were around to see how life,,,,,Alex miss your smiles,,your jokes,,,you know what Alex am still doing what we agreed,,,, i wil never let you down RIP big bro ”kabulaza” u taught me that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,guyz thanks for the great works you are doing keep the track moving and in all Alex would love if you continue thanking the lord,,,,God bless you all

      1. I love the tripplet Ghetto kids so much, they inspired me in thousand ways that only God understnd, Is just today I learned that Alex is no more, this break my heart. I couldnt believe it. RIP Alex

  14. Rest in peace Alex..
    When i first met you, i liked so much because your dance is different then other dance of the world, its funniest. My brother alway told me that its funy and i ever dance with you… however congratulation all the thing for you and your brothers and i feel bad with alex…
    I’m sorry my english because i’m brazilian and i’ve learned english now.

  15. Increible ! Los encontre a ustedes navegando en youtube, desde que vi sus videos el primero de todos donde bailaban en la tierra quede sorprendido por tan bonito baile, cada vez que escucho lo que bailan es como mucha alegría me siento lleno de vida. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

    | Sueño con aprender a bailar sus bailes |

  16. hey ghetto kids,was happy seeing you guys in a recent French montana video,you so good,trully your dances moves will take you places. To Alex,rest in peace young champ

  17. I don’t know why it took me so long to find you guys on youtube. I am from Haiti, in the Caribbean (Haitians are rooted in Africa (French Colonization), so I LOVE my root). It’s been over a month I have been watching your videos on youtube. I have used your videos to learn how to dance like my fellow African brothers and sisters. I felt like I was struck by lighting when I saw in a comment below one of your most seen videos, “R.I.P Alex.” I decided to dig for more info about you guys. It took me a while to finally get to this page to learn more information about all of you and Alex. May Alex’s soul rests in peace. Now, knowing more about you all, and the role Alex played among you, He’s surely never to be forgotten. You are all so talented. I love you all, my fellow brothers and sisters in the other part of the world. I hope one day to meet the crew and dance with you guys. I do mean it. I will be praying for this
    Keep up on the amazing path you have been. I know it’s not easy, but according to the video of Alex posted on this page, it seems like you all have overcome a lot to reach this far. I do remember the first video of you I watch (Youtube) with Eddy Kenzo. It is so amazing to me how far you have come. Prayers sent on your ways. Hold on tight! I believe that there are better days ahead.

    Verley Valérius,
    Your Biggest Haitian fan

    1. Thank you so much for your touching comment, Verley. We do appreciate the love, comments and support from each person who goes to the trouble of getting in contact with us because that gives us encouragement. We are one family.

  18. I just want to take this time to say RIP Alex. We missed u and hope that your soul Rest In the hand of God till we meet again son. Oh death why so soon, why u couldn’t allowed this little boy to enjoyed life and fun with his friends. You just came and take him from among his friends just like that. Oh God why u couldn’t give him second chance to see his dream come to reality. He was such a lovely and gifted child from God to his parents, but all in all we can ask God why cause he’s the same person give and the same person who takes. Thank God for your soul Alex R.I.P.

  19. I can’t stop watching your video “mood”. I do like this song cause it reflets african roots and culture. I love Patricia with her nice smile, Fred also b’cause he looks like a real gentleman.
    I really would like to see u dancing in my country, Senegal.
    I’ve always in mind your brother Alex. May the Lord uplift him where he is.
    Big up to u!

  20. Rest In Peace Alex and a sincere Thank You for both you and the triplets ghetto kids for showcasing your talents and exposing to the world the amazing talents we have in Africa. You guys are blessed with amazing gifts and i adore the incredible dancing. French Montana quoted “The real talent is not in America it is in Africa”. You guys talent lives by that. Thank you for sharing your dance talents and keeping Alex’s memory. God Bless you all and keep working hard. You guys rock.
    Sampo is my favourite video. Cant stop watching and practising the moves.

  21. Hola, saludos desde Colombia a todos los miembros del grupo, me he convertido en seguidor del grupo y apenas me entero del fallecimiento de Alex y quiero que sepan cuanto lo siento, seguro está en el cielo rodeado de ángeles y haciéndoles sonreír que Dios les bendiga y los colme de éxitos.

  22. Hi guys!
    The first time i discover you, i found out your talent, even though you’re children. What let me being particularly fan of you is because i live with kids who are always dancing your songs and trying to do as you do in your choregraphy.
    I’m from Senegal but i love Uganda. The day i watched a video in which Alex was saying that he would like to help his mother, i really bursted into tears. Please guys, be always greatful toward Alex’ mom and help her as much as you can. May the almighty Lord bless your brother Alex and welcome him to His Paradise.
    Big up to you and go ahead!

  23. Hi! You guys are awesome, I enjoy watching your videos a lot. Thanks for keeping people like me entertained. To Alex I say rest in peace my dear u brought a smile on my face with dancing skills. I hope to see you guys performing in Zimbabwe if not I will have to come to Uganda.

  24. Alex it hurts my hearth to see u dead may your soul rest in peace if I ever become famous by God’s grace I will never forget you

  25. Im sure Alex is resting in peace when seeing all the work your still doing even thou he is no longer
    He shall always be loved n remembered , thank you for honoring his memory with your success .

  26. Wow,guys you touched me even more today since i started watching your video about two years ago & i still watch the video more than 100 times a year. I had to find you guys page and find out more about you after finding out about Alex few hours ago. It touched me,the song by 2Pac came to mind as a question. “Can anybody tell me why even the good die young”?
    My name is John from The Gambia & living in Germany for almost 10 years & i have 4kids & a wonderful wife who likes to dance too, even my kids. I hope someday you will be able to go to Gambia even when am not around & perfom & make a lot of smiling faces. Alex is sure watching you great people of this planet making alot of smiling faces everyday. God bless all of you,watch over all of you at all times & protect you from every negative evil thing trying to come your way. Keep it up & remember,i even wrote it on another message. Always stick together and be there for each other, no matter what. There is nothing more important than FAMILY in this life. God bless again.

    1. Thank you very much for your very special message, John, these messages give us a lot of energy and motivation. All the best to you and your family. Thank you for sharing with us.

      1. You welcome and don’t need to thank me because if i could get you guys up i will for free. We all Africans and we are all brothers and sisters,you are my brothers and sisters and we should watch out for each other. Please tell Eddy Kenzo and Kavuma Daouda,your manager that am greatful for brothers like them who are looking out for you and after you. God bless all of you & someday soon we will see each other and get to meet. My name on FB DasLeben GehtWeiter & am trying in anyway to promote you guys there until i can do more than just that so keep in touch. I would like to see you guys going and on top & i don’t want or need anything from you just for you guys to know there is a brother from another mother for you & love you guys. Tell Patricia to keep her head up always and take care of your little sister too. John

        PS:Ronnie’s birthday is on Friday so i will send him something on FB,imagine my birthday is 12 May & my wife is 13 May. God is great. Talk soon.

  27. Hi ghetto kids I am so sorry that you have lost your brother Alex and my God bress you and your brother Alex by Devota I love ghetto kids so much I love you dancing you are my best frined

  28. Ghetto kids!!!!!!you guys you are awesome dancers have become your biggest fan after watching your dance moves in french montana’s song [unforgetable] its such a good song and you were the perfect match to feature as dancers,keep up with the good work and looking forward to see more great dance videos…..thank you for doing justice to the song…

  29. From Geita,Geita,Tanzania,
    This lovely superstar. I loved you Alex. I have been following these Heroes all along. Alext, Patricia, Fred, Isaac among others have always kept me entertained. It actually came as a shock to me. I was really hurt but told myself “it’s God’s plan”. My advise is please let through you Triplets mama Alex remain a strong woman. Make her comfortable by frequent visits to her place. Let her feel her son still LIVES on. I have always wished to meet you kids am sure I will one day. Rest In Eternal Peace young HERO ALEX StyaLoss. We loved you but God loved you more.
    Pumzika mahali pema peponi Alex.

      1. With a heavy heart I send my sympathy to all Alex’s fans all over the world. For Alex, he has left a remarkable memory in our lives. How I wish I had a chance to meet this charming prince with lovely smile confidence and superb energetic moves. I want the rest of the team to stay very well focus in continuing the good work in dedication to Alex. I promise my self that someday I will invite #Tripletsghettokids to Nigeria. I really love you guys. Fred, Ada, Manking, Patricia and co. Much love to you guys. RIP Alex.

  30. I Love you so much guys , the fact that we are of the same age gets me rolling . please pass my love To Ada and Ronnie , As for the rest , your the best .. wish to meet you one day guys , you should visit South Africa guys you are Amazing .. #RIP ALEX

  31. I would to listen my husband listen to this upbeat song, eyes fix on our flat screen tv. Whenever I would come and check it would always be one of the songs that the Triplet Ghetto Kids were dancing to. Then it was him and myself. Your dance captivates people. It shows that you enjoy what you do. And it’s very entertaining to watch. Keep doing what you do guys, you are awe inspiring to a lot of us. Blessings from Bluefields, Nicaragua.

    May you friend, brother rest in piece. 😢So sorry about your loss, but know that he is watching over all of you smiling from a better Place. Keep his legacy alive.

    1. thank you very much for taking the time to comment and tell us how you feel! Love from Uganda to Nicaragua

  32. I don’t know what it is about the “Sorry” video….. but I just keep watching it and watching it and watching it and watching it and watching it and watching it…..

  33. Hi my name is Cynthia and i am from New Orleans La. Which is in the United States, and i think you guys are awesome! Much love keep on dancing and smiling guys! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  34. Tbh am from Uganda too but now living in U.S.A in Houston where I met Daniel Tchomba who told me he knows you too and he said he used to hangout with Alex and the rest of you guys. I really enjoyed the sitya loss dance moves, Great stuff guys. It was so sad to hear that the boy I was gone get a chance to talk to on the phone is dead. May his simple, funny and sweet courageous soul rest in eternal peace.

    1. Hey brother from Uganda! That’s cool. Even though you’re on the other side of the planet, the internet makes it easy to be close. Thanks for your kind words to Alex.

      1. Quand jetais au Burkina j’avais déjà vu votre première vidéo où vous danciez sytia loss chez ma cousine et j’aimais beaucoup comment vous danciez mais je ne savais pas que vous faisiez d’autres dance et arrivé au Japon quand j’ai revue vos autres dance j’étais vraiment contente et j’ai découvert en regardant les commentaires qu’il y’a un d’entre vous qui était décédé j’étais vraiment triste car alex était vraiment quelqu’un de souriant, on voyait vraiment sur son visage qu’il était heureux ,c’était une bonne personne mais c’est la volonté de dieu et on rien y faire.Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde que dieu vous bénisse et paix à son âme 🙏👼 Rest in peace ,Rip Alex👼🙏

  35. Sleep in Peace my young brother. The Triplets Ghetto Kids story made me cry. Alex, you will never be forgotten. And for the rest of the Triplets, keep doing what your doing i love you my brothers and sisters. I hope that you continue on your journeys and inspire and encourage other young black kids. This is Amanda from Jamaica. I love Africa, i love my people. We are the best, we are better than the rest. ☺

    1. Thank you, Amanda from Jamaica. We loved reading your comment and your special words for out brother Alex

  36. Death is a thief and evil It took you so early in the life before i knew you Alex may your soul rest in peace with angels in heaven

    Musa fro kenya

  37. saludos chicos del ghetto me gustan sus video, su música y baile son contagioso es lamentable la perdida de su compañero Alex, desde el cielo los acompañara bailando y apoyando a que sean una buena agrupación que los ha consolidados, nunca pierdan la humildad es uno de los mayores valores del ser humano. su compañera patricia gracias a dios se recupero rápido del accidente y debe tener muy presente a su compañero alex. que dios los acompañe y les de mucha unión y sabiduría.

    1. Thank you very much, Franklin, we never forget who we are, where we come from or who is with us. God bless you

  38. Get to knw abt ghetto kid from sorry dance, jst learm abt alex death keep me in pain for abt an hour now.
    Jst to strong and keep patricial happen cus she wll always remember alex and it we keep pain in are vain.
    RIP alex
    Triplets foundation jst keep moving forward
    KENZO treat the children well
    Patricial grow in strength, I feel for, once in ur shoes add to move on but rite have moved ON
    From nigeria

      1. Hi ghetto kids did not know Alex pass away . May his soul Rest In Peace . I love to eat yo all dance be strong . Suzie from Trinidad and Tobago

  39. J ai decouvert le groupe en meme temps que j ai appris ton deces. J ai tellement pleuré on aurait cru que je te connaissais depuis toujours. Surement parce que tu es un parfait ange et qu’un regard suffit pour tomber amoureux de ta personne. Repose en paix petit coeur. You’ll stay in our heart forever.
    Much love from France

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful message. We’d like to translate it into English so that everyone can read it, very touching.
      “I discovered the group and at the same time learnt about your demise. I cried so much it was like I had always known you, surely because you are a perfect angel and just one look at you is enough to fall in love with your character. Rest in peace, little heart.”

  40. hey Alex, i just got to know u,but its never to late dear friend, cuz i know we all shall meet again ……..i knew the rest of the team through you, when i was browsing and watching some videos from you tube, i was so shocked to find out that you are gone,i cried like a baby..dear friend the love will always get bigger despite ur demise………..
    may the lord accept your gentle soul in his kingdom

    i pray one day i meet the rest of the team (TFU)…………………………iam@ ddkings from UK

  41. Mis queridos amigos y hermanos, un abrazo grande y fuerte para todos ustedes. Me he convertido en un fan de ustedes por toda la constancia de querer salir adelante. De verdad que cuando ví su vídeo de Eddy Kenzo Jambole, fueron y son los mejores bailando. Cuánto siento la pérdida de Alex. De verdad que me da un dolor en mi alma. Dios me lo bendiga dónde esté. Y a ustedes toda la prosperidad y el éxito que se merecen mis amigos. Los quiero mucho desde Venezuela.

    1. Thank you very much, Hector! Thank you for your kind words and sentiments and your special dedication to Alex. We hope we will cross paths in the future.

  42. Your videos keep me smiling. Alex, the world will forever remember you as the happy young man who contributed to the betterment of human life through music and dance moves. Kenya misses you and your great talent. Rest in perfect peace with the Lord little brother.

  43. You guys are terrific. In a simple word AMAZING. Am a huge fan from Nigeria. Alex left his footprints on the sands of time in our hearts and so he will always be remembered. You guys should keep waxing strong in unity for that will make him(Alex) proud. I hope to sponsor you guys someday to Nigeria. I love your simles, energy and skills. Well done boys and the girls too are pretty awesome. More you guys. God bless ALEX!

    1. thank you very much, Destiny from Nigeria! We love to read comments from fans like you and thank you for your kind words to Alex

  44. Hi, our names are Oscar and Maria from Colombia, South America. We recently saw some of your videos, and we are delighted, and proud of every one of you guys. Hope you still doing what you do, and we hope someday we get the chance to go to Uganda and meet all of you!
    Greetings from Colombia!!

  45. I recently began watching your video’s and they put such a big smile on my face and my lady’s face. Thank you and Alex was so young…but he brought you all together and touched the hearts of many around the world. Much love to him and all of you.

    1. Thank you very much for your message and your kind words to Alex. We are very appreciative of your support 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Sylvia. You’ll be pleased to know that Patricia is fully recovered and well again 🙂

  46. I am a new fan, I was at work giving handover while watching one of your videos when a colleague told me that a member of the Getto kids past away. I froze with sadness. What a sad loss, a bright boy with a happy smile. We will miss you. May angels guide you home.
    RIP Alex🙏🏽

  47. The joy and happiness that you all bring with your dancing is healing for the world. Your beautiful happy faces always smiling so brightly while dancing or talking warms hearts and opens minds to the situations around this world of ours. Alex was the epitome of all that’s wonderful, and the loss is felt tremendously throughout the people who were blessed enough to get to watch him dance and share his gift!! Such a gorgeous soul he walked with, he will Rest In Peace. Patricia is with us, and you, beautiful young lady, are an incredible blessing as well and I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you all of you for absolutely every step you take, and for your compassion and pure joy you share with all that will listen and watch.

  48. may his soul rest in peace, coming all the way from jamaica, i enjoy watching you guys dance.gone but not forgotten alex. love you

  49. Was Alex saving Patrica from the bike accident or they both were riding the same bike #Alex lives on ad and my cousin died 7yrs after Alex she died April 15,2016

    1. Alex and Patricia were both on the bicycle and the brakes failed. We’re sorry for the loss of your cousin, we hope you keep good memories of her.

  50. I have only recently become a fan of the Triplets Ghetto Kids. I used one of your videos for a presentation in school to show the joy of Africa, as I am from Democratic Republic of Congo. I’ve only today found out the loss of Alex last year. I am truly sorry for your loss. Alex was a very happy and bright person,and it bring true sadness that a brother like Alex is gone, but not completely gone as he lives in all of us. His spirit will guide you and lead you all to a great path. You do not have to answer this but how did Alex pass away?

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Paul, and it’s great that you used our videos for a presentation at school! We always keep Alex with us in every way that we can, we have this page so that people can remember him and talk about him and keep him with us. He had an accident on a bicycle, the brakes failed.

  51. Have been watching Ghetto Kids dancing for about a year now and just found out Alex passed away. I am so sorry for your loss Triplets. Stay strong he lives on in your hearts and minds, in all of our hearts and minds. R.I.P Alex.
    Best wishes to you all.
    – Jiraiya, from Mogadishu / Somalia.

  52. wow , so it is a year today that our soldier Alex died… I hope you guys have a ‘nice’ and ‘enjoy’ your day.. I really love you guys and I am with you since sitya loss and I really started loving Ugandan music straight away !! me I am from Guinea and Sierra Leone and I am really proud of being an African and you guys should as well but yeah I am pretty sure you are but remember we are all 1 AFRICA !! I really love you guys and cant wait until you guys come to England , trust me I will be the first one buying a ticket and going to your concert !! and I definitely want a picture with all single one of u ! loll but yeah I really love you guys and stay with you guys or ever !!! god bless you guys !! I love you !!! and as you guys say ALEX LIVES ON !!

  53. The very first time i watched this Sitya Loss video in 2014, i became addicted to your performances. Alex demonstrated an incredible extraordinary talents in that video when he competed with FRED before the rest of you guys joined them. Despite the fact that i reside here in the US, i always try to type in ghetto kids of Uganda to see what new videos you have on YouTube. Though Alex is gone, we always have to remember that life is a journey and that all of us are in it together. A day shall come when all of us would meet him to part no more. He played his part on the world’s stage and now others have to continue where he left. Thank you for the love you all have for him. I am originally from the English speaking part of Cameroon. I always remember Alex too. I wish you all the best.
    Ernest Timnge

    1. Thank you for your words, Ernest, and for your fond memories of Alex. It’s important that we keep him alive in our minds and hearts in some way or another. Alex was a wonderful person and we will always be grateful to him for all the great things he did. God bless.

  54. I cried all day, en i still cry evn as am typing this coment now its still had for me to believe alex is no more……

  55. RIP Alex.
    I know tears can’t bring you back so I’m just praying you…
    We love triplets ghetto kids…
    Lomnitki from Dakar (Senegal)

  56. R.IP. Alex

    Am sure many who listen, watch your story life really have the audacity to learn something and change their life.
    Reading through your stories really shows me like we ever met and shared one on one with you!! I mean your story touches my heart every now and then, and i feel challenged to support any bro/sis out there in realising their dream!
    You had a dream! A DREAM TO BE THE PRESIDENT! The dream will surely be fulfilled through any one who will take your mantle and walk with it its fulfillment!



    Love you Alex My Brother Friend!

  57. Treasured in my heart you’ll stay, untill we meet again some day.Death is the last chapter in time, but the first chapter in eternity.To the world you may have just been somebody, but to all of us you were the world.
    RIP Alex

  58. Oh. Wow so sorry for your loss u are all such talented kids and through your faith you can be anyone u want. Let alex live through you, and remember his beautiful smile. You kids are extremely talented. Stay focused and make your family proud. Good luck at the upcoming awards.
    Much love and peace,❤😊

  59. May God allow me to have the privilege to meet and go to one of their concerts and have the privilege of shaking hands with each of you

  60. hello greetings from Colombia’m his big fan of his talent your videos are great I keep seeing them every day I am proud to see everything they have achieved I like dancing and I congratulate them for that great talent they have God bless and always protect them successes always send for you

  61. While there’s nothing I can do to change what happened, I can continue to offer you my love. Extending my most heartfelt condolences to the family of Alex…… biggest boy….i loved his dancing strokes and his luganda Visa vi English. My nephew used to ask play for me the song called ankle….some version in sitya loss…

  62. I have always been talking of you guys…loved sharing your videos…lost a bit of excess…nd i just found out tht Alex is nomore… is it really him…??cant stop listening to the song u dedicated to him. Patricia stay blessed my lil sister. I love you all. R.I.P my brother.#teary#

    1. Thank you, Johanna and thank you for your kind words. There’s never excess if it’s good for people. The pain of losing Alex is not something that we can find words to express and so sometimes we have to do things to make it real… like this page, like special events and videos that we dedicate to him. Alex is irreplaceable and that’s a good thing. Missing him reminds us of how much we appreciate him.

  63. May his soul rest in peace. I wish he stayed with us but I know he will be there for you and for us. forever I like ur moves guys and I see in each of you the Alex’s Face. Stay strong. #FromBurundiFans

    1. Thank you, Alain, especially, and thanks to all the Burundi fans!! We appreciate you a lot and all your support. Alex is always with us

  64. Alex is a legend and will live on 4-ever and ever. Alex will never be forgotten and he will always continue brining joy to people from all around the world every day 🙏🏼❤️

  65. Since I first saw a video of triplets ghetto kids, they have become my favorites, are great and from Colombia I send a special greeting. I wish Alex a break in peace next to God and thanks for your wonderful contribution to the group.

    1. Thank you so much, Roberto, for all your support and your kind words. Thank you as well for remembering Alex that way. He will never be forgotten.

  66. This lovely superstar. I loved you Alex. I have been following these Heroes all along. Alext, Patricia, Fred, Isaac among others have always kept me entertained. It actually came as a shock to me. I was really hurt but told myself “it’s God’s plan”. My advise is please let through you Triplets mama Alex remain a strong woman. Make her comfortable by frequent visits to her place. Let her feel her son still LIVES on. I have always wished to meet you kids am sure I will one day. Rest In Eternal Peace young HERO ALEX Ssmpejja. We loved you but God loved you more.

    1. Thank you, Diannah, for your kind words. We always try to look beyond the sadness and remember the joy that Alex brought us all. He put a smile on many faces around the world

  67. When I watched Sitya Loss, which is my favorite song, and which I had always admired your magnificent displays in the song, I find it very difficult to believe that the Alex I’m seeing is no more. Well, there’s no much I can say that to say rest in peace my brother. God’s time is always the best.

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