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Our fans! We’re proud and honoured to have become a viral phenomenon on the social networks.  We’ve had billions of views from nearly every country on the planet!

People have been inspired to copy us and to dance to our songs and many, many musicians have asked us to dance in their music videos.  We love that you love our videos and you find them so motivating, that gives us life and courage.

Now you can easily watch all of them from the unexpected hit Sitya Loss to Justin Bieber’s Sorry and from Mastiksoul & Shaggy’s Good For You to French Montana and Swae Lee’s Unforgettable, including our very own songs Mood, Sampo and many more!  Which one’s your favourite? Tell us in the comments below and spread the love. 

 ?God bless you all, TGK Family

2014: The first dances

1. January Sitya Loss (Triplets Ghetto Kids) by Eddy Kenzo

2. June Jambole by Eddy Kenzo

3. September Sitya Loss (Official video) by Eddy Kenzo

4. September Osobola by Triplets Ghetto Kids

2015: Growing fast

1. February Kikole by Triplets Ghetto Kids

2. May Follow Follow by Hanson Baliruno

3. June Amiina by Triplets Ghetto Kids

4. June Kyana Gwe by Skata

5. July Koi Koi Dance by Triplets Ghetto Kids

6. August Kyana Gwe (dance class) by Skata

7. August Aloga by Fredo

8. October Obulamu Tebulida by Sarah Musayimuto

9. October Mbakube (by Manking) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

10. November So Good (Official video) by Eddy Kenzo

11. December Victory by Vimomnsé ft Kiflex

12. December Alex, Rest in Peace by Triplets Ghetto Kids

2016: Tour de force

1. January Sorry by Justin Bieber

2. January Gingale by Triplets Ghetto Kids

3. February Make Am by Patoranking

4. March Yamba (help the street kids) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

5. March African Scream (with I D U) by Dotorado Pro

6. March Good for you by Mastiksoul ft Shaggy, Danny Shaj Happy Vibes

7. April Sekemba by VJ OJ ft Awilo

8. April Temperature by Hanson Baliruno

9. May Sabatula by Triplets Ghetto Kids & Spice Diana

10. May Mood (audio video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

11. June Kadondo Style (wedding performance) by Eddy Kenzo

12. June StyleZo (official video) by Eddy Kenzo

13. June Mood (official video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

14. July Behind the scenes of Mood by Triplets Ghetto Kids

15. September Marimba Rija Remix Dance with Sherrie Silver by Dotorado Pro

16. September Olé Bravo (audio video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

17. October Yndlingsted by Karen Mukupa

18. November Dance with Melod by StarMelod

19. December Let’s Go by Eddy Kenzo

20. December Mateeka (by ManKing) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

2017: Onwards and upwards

1. February Sampo (Official dance video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

2. April Bwalidda by Anita Kalule (sponsored by Triplets Ghetto Kids)

3. April Unforgettable by French Montana and Swae Lee

4. April Träume (Dreams) by ChefBoss

5. May Mateeka (Official Video by ManKing) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

6. May Come Closer by Wizkid feat Drake

7. June Nsiimye (Thankful) Audio video by Triplets Ghetto Kids

8. July Not Born To Suffer (Audio video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

9. August Despacito by Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

10. September Asanti (Official video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

11. October Olé (TGK gen2 dance video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

12. October Yasolo by Eddy Kenzo

13. October Maama Ye Maama (lyrics video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

14. December No Time To Waste by Mr Loyalty feat ManKing

15. December Together by TMP Empire ft Triplets Ghetto Kids

2018: New horizons

1. January Mama ye Mama (Official video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

2. February Baina Baliwo (feat TGK gen2) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

3. February Mama ye Mama (lyrics in English version) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

4. March Panadol (feat TGK gen2) by Latifmusic

5. March Good Vibes (feat TGK gen2) by Iyanya ft Team Salut

6. June Yolo by Triplets Ghetto Kids

6. August Guatemala by Rae Sremmurd

7. August Famous (Remix) by French Montana ft Adam Levine

8. September Numa Numa 2 by Dan Balan ft Marley Waters


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  1. Hi to all of u TG kids, the first time i saw ur video was the song of french mixed with the video of follow follow, ur guys were younger than now its really wonderful to see ul dance in that video, from that day almost everyday i watch almost all the videos, the innocent smiles in all the videos, everything is so beautifully blended, I Pray that the Almighty from heaven above shower blessings each and every moment for u kids, Wish every happiness and love for u all. Wish u all the best in everything u all do and will be doing for the time to come, Vi Voglio bene tantissimi, vi auguro tutto il bene del mondo, with lots of love.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement and prayers. We wish you all the happiness you dream of, you have a good heart.

  2. First of all let me salute u guys. I promise I’ve fallen in love with this group ! French Montana’s Unforgettable brought me here. I fell in love with not only the song but your dancing. I was trying my best to copy lol it didn’t work. But the way u all move is breathtaking ?? like this group has impsired me so much. I’ve started researching you all and Kampala Uganda. My African roots are beautiful and u all helped me see it. Thank u so much. To swae Lee && Montana as well ?? I want to know everything about u and Africa. U have truly won my heart. Before I pass I have GOT to come to Africa. I’d love to meet u all. Alex was truly heaven sent to put u all together. I’m sure he’s smiling so bright looking at u all. Never let his memory die. This is for u Alex. Thank you my brother. ?? Uganda stand up ! Love u Triplets

    • Thank you so much for your message and kindness, we never forget Alex, he lives through everything we do. Africa is an amazing, diverse continent that you can take your whole life to try and discover but still find new things, don’t be afraid of opening up to it you won’t be disappointed.

  3. hello am emma from malaysia am your funny guys

    • Thanks, Emma! For your protection we’re not going to publish your phone number on our website. Have a good day 🙂

  4. The first day i saw your video on millard ayo.com i was very motivated.when i heard you do this for school fees and for your family i was very touched.This is so sensational.You guys are so clever and you have opened a lot of minds in our societies. I love your videos especially “sampo” though everyday i’m fighting to know that style and i just end up falling ??lol!! Actually i love you guys…all of you…i’m isack from Tanzania,,,welcome to Tanzania?…keep it up,,,your styles always makes my day…I LOVE YOU GUYS

    • Ahh, ok, Isaac, you’ll get there in the endm keep trying. Learning to dance looks easy but it’s very hard!! Thank you for your love and your message. We love you.

  5. I watched the unforgettable video and became really curious about this group. I can say that you made the video amazing, I think since yesterday, I have watched it over 50 times. Also, I started doing more research to try and find out who the dancers were and it finally led me to this page.

    Firstly, I would like to offer my sincere condolences on the loss of Alex, from the videos I have seen so far, he seemed like such a happy soul- always smiling even when dancing. I definitely love the quirkiness aspect to his dancing. You are blessed to have known him personally and shared your passion of dancing with him.

    I would also like to say Patricia, you are blessed and continue doing what you are doing. Its amazing how well you recovered to continue this journey.

    And as for the rest of the group, I am AMAZED at how young you all are and yet doing such amazing things. I am in awe of the way you dance and your love for dance just shows through the big smiles on your faces. You all dance effortless, such clean moves. Watching you guys dance is making me want to up my dance moves, I better start practising.

    I heard you will be performing at BET awards later on this month, I can’t wait to watch you all bring it.

    I can’t wait for when you come to the UK, you can certainly count me in as one of those that will be in attendance.

    Much love xx

    *Alex- Gone but never forgotten

    • thank you very much for your kind message and your support. We always value this kind of support and these personal messages.

  6. Hello to all you beautiful dancers. Unforgettable has hit the UK and I for one love your moves. You truely are amazing. What beautiful smiles you all have. So from rainy England good Luck and love to you all. Xx

    Peace Alex xxxx

    • Thanks so much for your message! We’re really pleased that you’re enjoying the video for Unforgettable. Every message encourages us and gives us strength. Thank you.

  7. Hello T.G.K.
    My name is Brittany and I’m from the united States(Florida).I want to start off by saying I love you guys..You all are amazing.your dance moves are phenomenal.Lol I’m still learning.hope to see you guys touring to the united States soon. Rip Alex and may God bless u all

    • Thanks so much for your message and kind words, Brittany. Keep learning, let’s see if we can tour there soon 🙂

  8. Hello TGKs ! my favourite video is mood and sampo also I like the way you dance in styleZo be blessed.

    • Thank you so much, Oliver. Blessings to you.


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