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Our fans! We’re proud and honoured to have become a viral phenomenon on the social networks.  We’ve had billions of views from nearly every country on the planet!

People have been inspired to copy us and to dance to our songs and many, many musicians have asked us to dance in their music videos.  We love that you love our videos and you find them so motivating, that gives us life and courage.

Now you can easily watch all of them from the unexpected hit Sitya Loss to Justin Bieber’s Sorry and from Mastiksoul & Shaggy’s Good For You to French Montana and Swae Lee's Unforgettable, including our very own songs Mood, Sampo and many more!  Which one’s your favourite? Tell us in the comments below and spread the love. 

👌️ God bless you all, TGK Family

  1. January Sitya Loss (Triplets Ghetto Kids) by Eddy Kenzo
  2. June Jambole by Eddy Kenzo
  3. September Sitya Loss (Official video) by Eddy Kenzo
  4. September Osobola by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  1. February Kikole by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  2. May Follow Follow by Hanson Baliruno
  3. June Amiina by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  4. June Kyana Gwe by Skata
  5. July Koi Koi Dance by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  6. August Kyana Gwe (dance class) by Skata
  7. August Aloga by Fredo
  8. October Obulamu Tebulida by Sarah Musayimuto
  9. October Mbakube (by Manking) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  10. November So Good (Official video) by Eddy Kenzo
  11. December Victory by Vimomnsé ft Kiflex
  12. December Alex, Rest in Peace by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  1. January Sorry by Justin Bieber*
  2. January Gingale by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  3. February Make Am by Patoranking
  4. March Yamba (help the street kids) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  5. March African Scream (with I D U) by Dotorado Pro
  6. March Good for you by Mastiksoul ft Shaggy, Danny Shaj Happy Vibes
  7. April Sekemba by VJ OJ ft Awilo
  8. April Temperature by Hanson Baliruno
  9. May Sabatula by Triplets Ghetto Kids & Spice Diana
  10. May Mood (audio video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  11. June Kadondo Style (wedding performance) by Eddy Kenzo
  12. June StyleZo (official video) by Eddy Kenzo
  13. June Mood (official video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  14. July Behind the scenes of Mood by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  15. September Marimba Rija Remix Dance with Sherrie Silver by Dotorado Pro
  16. September Olé Bravo (audio video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  17. October Yndlingsted by Karen Mukupa
  18. November Dance with Melod by StarMelod
  19. December Let's Go by Eddy Kenzo
  20. December Mateeka (by ManKing) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

*not available on mobile devices in some parts of the world. For a mobile version please follow this link to El Pais

  1. February Sampo (Official dance video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  2. April Bwalidda by Anita Kalule (sponsored by Triplets Ghetto Kids)
  3. April Unforgettable by French Montana and Swae Lee
  4. April Träume (Dreams) by ChefBoss (currently unavailable on mobile devices in some parts of the world)
  5. May Mateeka (Official Video by ManKing) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  6. May Come Closer by Wizkid feat Drake
  7. June Nsiimye (Thankful) Audio video by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  8. July Not Born To Suffer (Audio video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  9. August Despacito by Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
  10. September Asanti (Official video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  11. October Yasolo by Eddy Kenzo
  12. October Maama Ye Maama (lyrics video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids
  1. January Mama ye Mama (Official video) by Triplets Ghetto Kids

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120 thoughts on “Our videos

  1. hello ghetto kids my name is frank from nakuru kenya
    first of all allow me to congratulate you guys……….i watch your videos on a daily basis and you keep on amazing me day in day out
    to patricia you are a hello……..and ada my favourite; your story really inspires me…….hope to see you guys one day…….

  2. Hé Guys !!! Il love you so much !!! I am following you since your beginnings !!! I hope to see you one day at home, at Reunion island.

    > Patricia , you’re a Princess !!!! 😘
    Réunion Island

  3. My Son 8 years old from holland love you Guys !! He looks 24/7 to yours video clips. You all are amazing.your dance moves are phenomenal.He is still learning a few moves.he hopes to see you guys touring to Holland soon. 😍😍😍Eliano Wayne

  4. Thank you, Tripletsghettokids and management forgive us the opportunity to see your talents. I know it’s not easy sometimes or tried to dances and performances in front of millions of people. Thank you, Thank you, soooo much for your lovely video. Hope to see you guys in the US again to perform with French M. Also, going to miss you guys smiles while you guys dance.
    -Much Love ❤️ from Fort. Lauderdale, Fl

    1. Thank you so much! It was an incredible experience for all of us, something that will stay in our memories for the rest of our lives. The future is not written, we are going to write it ourselves!

  5. Dear Triplets Ghetto Kids,

    You guys put my ‘rich’ life to shame. Please do not take this the wrong way. Rarely I get to see such genuine joy and spontaneity anymore. You remind me of what’s important in life: to be there for each other. Please don’t ever let money or fame spoil the spark in you!! You are very inspiring.

    Love love love ♡♡♡

    Hoi from Holland

    1. Thank you Hoi from Holland, you can always have the happiness that comes from the simple, important things. We appreciate your kind words.

  6. I love all of the videos. I hope that one day you will come to Baltimore Maryland or close so that I can enjoy the group in person. Dance is important in any country. It brings joy even with out understanding the language of one another. I am sorry for the loss of Alex and hope that you stay strong and make all of your dreams come true. My prayers are with the remaining group and manager that your love for dance will never change no matter how old you become. I also pray that someone will pick up the charge and keep teaching and singing and dancing for many more generations.

  7. Guys and/or Gals dancing and running this site I just wanted to say thank you, for bringing your vision to the world in a way no on else can. I’ve been watching the unforgettable video on repeat for about three days now. I love the way you guys dance, I love the vision behind the videos, I am moved close to tears just watching your guys stuff, I never knew Alex, but I feel for you guys. Please never stop creating, imaging, and loving each-other much love from America.

  8. Hello guys? I watched all your dance video and they are perfect. You guys are blessed. May God bless you. I just want you guys to teach me your dance moves

  9. Hi to all of u TG kids, the first time i saw ur video was the song of french mixed with the video of follow follow, ur guys were younger than now its really wonderful to see ul dance in that video, from that day almost everyday i watch almost all the videos, the innocent smiles in all the videos, everything is so beautifully blended, I Pray that the Almighty from heaven above shower blessings each and every moment for u kids, Wish every happiness and love for u all. Wish u all the best in everything u all do and will be doing for the time to come, Vi Voglio bene tantissimi, vi auguro tutto il bene del mondo, with lots of love.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement and prayers. We wish you all the happiness you dream of, you have a good heart.

  10. First of all let me salute u guys. I promise I’ve fallen in love with this group ! French Montana’s Unforgettable brought me here. I fell in love with not only the song but your dancing. I was trying my best to copy lol it didn’t work. But the way u all move is breathtaking 🙏💚 like this group has impsired me so much. I’ve started researching you all and Kampala Uganda. My African roots are beautiful and u all helped me see it. Thank u so much. To swae Lee && Montana as well 😍💯 I want to know everything about u and Africa. U have truly won my heart. Before I pass I have GOT to come to Africa. I’d love to meet u all. Alex was truly heaven sent to put u all together. I’m sure he’s smiling so bright looking at u all. Never let his memory die. This is for u Alex. Thank you my brother. 🇩🇪 Uganda stand up ! Love u Triplets

    1. Thank you so much for your message and kindness, we never forget Alex, he lives through everything we do. Africa is an amazing, diverse continent that you can take your whole life to try and discover but still find new things, don’t be afraid of opening up to it you won’t be disappointed.

    1. Thanks, Emma! For your protection we’re not going to publish your phone number on our website. Have a good day 🙂

  11. The first day i saw your video on millard ayo.com i was very motivated.when i heard you do this for school fees and for your family i was very touched.This is so sensational.You guys are so clever and you have opened a lot of minds in our societies. I love your videos especially “sampo” though everyday i’m fighting to know that style and i just end up falling 😂😂lol!! Actually i love you guys…all of you…i’m isack from Tanzania,,,welcome to Tanzania😊…keep it up,,,your styles always makes my day…I LOVE YOU GUYS

    1. Ahh, ok, Isaac, you’ll get there in the endm keep trying. Learning to dance looks easy but it’s very hard!! Thank you for your love and your message. We love you.

  12. I watched the unforgettable video and became really curious about this group. I can say that you made the video amazing, I think since yesterday, I have watched it over 50 times. Also, I started doing more research to try and find out who the dancers were and it finally led me to this page.

    Firstly, I would like to offer my sincere condolences on the loss of Alex, from the videos I have seen so far, he seemed like such a happy soul- always smiling even when dancing. I definitely love the quirkiness aspect to his dancing. You are blessed to have known him personally and shared your passion of dancing with him.

    I would also like to say Patricia, you are blessed and continue doing what you are doing. Its amazing how well you recovered to continue this journey.

    And as for the rest of the group, I am AMAZED at how young you all are and yet doing such amazing things. I am in awe of the way you dance and your love for dance just shows through the big smiles on your faces. You all dance effortless, such clean moves. Watching you guys dance is making me want to up my dance moves, I better start practising.

    I heard you will be performing at BET awards later on this month, I can’t wait to watch you all bring it.

    I can’t wait for when you come to the UK, you can certainly count me in as one of those that will be in attendance.

    Much love xx

    *Alex- Gone but never forgotten

    1. thank you very much for your kind message and your support. We always value this kind of support and these personal messages.

  13. Hello to all you beautiful dancers. Unforgettable has hit the UK and I for one love your moves. You truely are amazing. What beautiful smiles you all have. So from rainy England good Luck and love to you all. Xx

    Peace Alex xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for your message! We’re really pleased that you’re enjoying the video for Unforgettable. Every message encourages us and gives us strength. Thank you.

  14. Hello T.G.K.
    My name is Brittany and I’m from the united States(Florida).I want to start off by saying I love you guys..You all are amazing.your dance moves are phenomenal.Lol I’m still learning.hope to see you guys touring to the united States soon. Rip Alex and may God bless u all

    1. Thanks so much for your message and kind words, Brittany. Keep learning, let’s see if we can tour there soon 🙂

  15. Am Patrick from Kenya n i can’t wait just to say am in love with the God given gift of art u young stars have. I never miss downloading ur dance videos whenever they pop up.Love u guys n i appreciate ur work……… ambia Manking atupe ngoma ingine… Thanks

  16. Triplets Ghetto Kids .. Are we Going to see more of your Videos this year guys ??
    you surely got me rolling on that one “Mood” give it to us guys bring it one
    So much love for the team ..

  17. Ohh what can l say, very inspirational trust me keep doing what you doing for these kids they would have lost their ways in life but you have given them very positive outline of life. M obsessed l love all the videos❤️❤️❤️❤️RIP Alex💔💔💔

  18. am obsessed wid kadodo,sample,mood,,yamba,good for you. M actually addicted to you guys . Triplets wereva u go dont pliz dont forget dat dea z sumone hu loves you guys so much not 💖forgetting our sweet lovely brother Alex may his soul rest in eternal peace❣
    #no.1 fan penny majorie💗

      1. I am so in love with u guys and ever since I seen the BET AWARDS I KEEP WATCHING YHAY UNFORGETTABLE VIDEO I GUYS ROCK 😍😍😘

  19. I love your new dance video I can’t stop watching it I especially love Ronnie’s part the rest of you guys did good too I hope to meet you guys in person one day I send kisses to each and one of you mwah!!😘😘😘

  20. bonita agrupacion soy de venezuela y me gusta mucho la coreografia y baile de este grupo de niños, actualmente viven en uganda o viven fuera del continente africano. la jovencita patricia tiene mucho carisma y gracia al bailar le da mucho realce al grupo todos bailan bien

    1. that’s Alex Ssempijja’s little brother, Alan. You can also see him in our new video, Sampo 🙂

  21. U guys make dance more intresting and i love ur dance moves on yndlingssted, stylezo , sherrie silver marimba , gingale . mood , koi koi , sitya loss👑👑 bless and sekemba , i hope one day i’ll see u guys

  22. Hi ghetto kids i’m awa , I love all your videos, I can not decide which one is best but I like your dance steps in yndlingsted, gingale, mood everyone is really good, I wish I could meet u guys great kavumadauda and your team love u guys so much and great manking that he have a beautiful voice

  23. Very hard to pick but Mood is my best video. Not sure why it has not reached million views.
    Most Ugandans and I believe many Africans can relate to the classroom scene. Inspite of those humble beginings we somehow manage to make it within or outside of Africa.
    Many times I wish I can take that Ozile canoe and get away from the hustle and bustle. Good scenery.
    In my opinion 2:15-2:45 is the best scene or second-by-second TGK have done so far. The depth of those 30 seconds is very deep indeed.
    Mystry: who is the tall gal in this video, was she a cameo appearance only???

    Very privileged to see these kids grow before my eyes and am sure the best is yet to come out of TGK.

    1. Thanks for your opinion, Steve and for sharing your feelings about school and growing up. Your mystery is about to be solved, are you ready? She’s called Silvia and she’s one of our group here at TFU, she lives with us. You’ll also see her in Osobola (second 58)

      Thank you for your great message and your insight.

      1. Several people have asked about who Sylvia is when you read thru the messages. She is such a good dancer and should be cast more often….I think.

    1. Thank you very much for all your love and support, Kenneth, we really appreciate it. Do you have a video or a few videos that are your favourites?

      1. I have lots of the videos downloaded from YouTube. I and my family are your superfans from Nigeria. My best videos are stylezo, make am, let’s go, follow follow and then the legendary sitya loss

      1. Hello my Triplets Ghetto kids…I’m Matimba from South Africa. First i will like to thank MANAGER TEACHER God Bless you bra without using there’s no Triplets. Hala @my nigga FRED a.k.a (Leader) bcuz he’s the engine of the Group(Ghetto Kids). ADA here in South Africa we already gave you de nickname called “Cheesy-Boy” you makin every move on a dance floor looks simple, you good boy. PATRICIA keep it up I see good in you. ISAAC a.k.a (Tower-man) you killing it bra. KOKODE you giving them boys a good competition. RONNIE a.k.a (Ole) you can sing boy and please stop relaxing at the back we see you. NYANGOMA a.k.a (Ciara) you’re coming alright Lil girl. Ashley a.k.a (Lil-One) we love you….

      2. Can’t wait for the original song called Amiina to be uploaded…Please TGK make me start year in style by uploading that sooner than expected….Cheers!

  24. Hello…please upload the original track of Amiina (Thank You), without you guys having to interrupt it with the interviews. I will like to play while chilling, travelling with my friends but in the middle of the songs u guys talk and now we have to listen to the interviews imagine. Please

  25. Que vous dire juste merci pour la joie l’amour que vous dégagés dans mouvement on sent le talent et l’inspiration, moi et ma petite famille ont vous aimes tous. Je vous suie pratiquement tout les jours et chaque fois mes l’armes ne peuvent s’empêcher de couler sur mon visage mon coeur sanglante de joie et de tristesse à la fois et en même temps je m’éclate de joie en vous voyans debout et là je me dis yes, yes, c’est vrai il est partis en chaire mais pas en esprit car un l’artiste ne meurt jamais pendant que je vous écris les mes l’armes ne peuvent s’abstenir je suis vraiment désolée mais beaucoup trop jeune et trop talantieux et d’amour car les images parle d’elle même alors qu’il en soit ainsi. Repose tout en paix petit Ange 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💞💖💖💞❣
    Congolaise et Habite en France 💔💝💝je vous Aimes.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words and for taking the time to comment on our videos. We really appreciate your support and your kindness.

  26. Good Morning! I am a Brazilian fan and here in Brazil you are successful, congratulations on the award for best dance group in 2016, I am waiting for the ole video with lyrics, continue always like this and to come to Brazil … ole This is how we do .. I love everyone

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jefferson! We’ll have that video ready before you know it. Hopefully it won’t be long before we visit Brazil 🙂

  27. All the videos ar a Hit but am in love with sitya loss…and av been trying to learn the first intro dance by alex MHSRIP….but i cant jst get it kikikikik..

  28. It’s morning over here in Accra Ghana. So good morning to you guys. I am a great fan of yours. I have been following you guys for more than two years now and have watched your progress with great amazement. How you guys have perfected your acts and dance is really amazing. God bless you all. I have a request though, and even though personal I think it will go a long way in promoting the whole team. There is a popular dance here in Ghana called Azonto, very stylish, easy and very interesting. I want you guys to check it out on Youtube and see if you can perform it in one of your videos as gift to your Ghanaian fans. The dance has actually been made popular in U.K and Europe by some Ghanaian Artistes, you will like it.

  29. watch triplets makes me happy, I download all the videos, it was a great idea to create this list .. I love watching these guys dancing. big hug for: ISAAC, FRED, KOKODE, ADA, RONNIE, PATRICIA, ASHLEY, MAN KING, NYANGOMA, TEACHER Kavuma and brother Alex who is in heaven ..♡

  30. Triplets kids you are really amazing and wonderful. Your music and dancing is so fantastic. I wishing one day to visit you in Uganda or one day make a tour to Kenya. God bless you all and give you more energy. Love you guys.

  31. I love all your videos they are amazing I would most definitely would love to meet you guys in person

    And Fred I love you bae😍

  32. U guys are simply the best I’m in Love with your dance styles en stylezo is another hit,keep it up wishing u all the best,its sad that Alex. Is no longer with u, M.H.S.R.I.P

  33. Thanks for this list! It’s really impossible to pick one video, I love all your productions.
    But I’m going to gif it a shot.
    The first video I instantly fell in love with you is Jambole and I still can’t get enough of the video. De simplicity is what makes it brilliant and you are all so young and cute!
    Other favourites Sitya Loss, Kikole, Follow Follow, Aloga, Make Am, Yamba, So Good, Mood and Kadondo Style. Oh and love the dance battle with I.D.U!
    Really special one Alex rest in peace still brings me to tears.
    I miss Amina in the list! And I love Amina also because there is so much Alex footage in it. Priceless.

    You kids are the happiness in my days and the light in this world. I can’t get enough off your cute faces and happy energy and unique dance moves with the best swag ever! Never change the way you are. Tough I love to see you growing in so many ways.

    I’m looking forward to your next production and keep following you and promote you and tell everyone about you!
    Love, Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne, for your love and your continuous support! What a great message. We really appreciate the trouble you have gone to to tell us your favourite videos and all the help you give us by watching and sharing our videos!! 🙂 Amiina will now be added in the right place! All the best.

      1. Haha yes it was a bit of a strugglle and i made sure i saved my text after the first fail 😉. And thank you for the quick fix!

    1. Just recently, I began listening to all modern music coming from the Motherland. I have become so enamored with the music, the dancing and the culture. And then I came across the Triplets Ghetto Kids and the music that is associated with them. And I tell you, I have fallen in love with all of it. And my favorite song and video is Kadondo. The dance and song routine is outstanding. I would love for them to come to the U.S. on Caribbean day in Washington DC. And you guys have my condolences for Alex. May his soul rest in Eternal Peace.

      1. Thank you very much Carneal! We’re delighted that you are discovering this music and that our dance is helping you to enjoy it. That’s what we’re here to do! It would be great to get to the US sometime. Thanks for your kind words for Alex, we always carry him in our thoughts and he’s always with us when we perform. He’s still our brother.

    2. Helloo guys, Good Morning! I am a Brazilian fan and here in Brazil you are successful, congratulations on the award for best dance group in 2016, I am waiting for the ole video with lyrics, continue always like this and to come to Brazil … ole This is how we do .. I love everyone

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