We won!!

we are so thankful to all of you. Love and dance from TGK family

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International Nominations

2016 has been an amazing year for us so far. We’ve released  20 new videos and they alone have had over 9 million views. Eyebrows have raised around the world…. just like this:


Are you ready to vote for us?

AEA USA 2016


The African Entertainment Awards USA celebrates the entertainment achievements of Africans and the African Diaspora around the world and they have nominated us Best Dance Group.  Do you agree with that? Do you think we should win? Then follow this link and vote for us:  Vote on AEAUSA website



The Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts Award from the UK spotlights talent from African, Caribbean and Asian in the 5 areas in its name.  We have been nominated for Best Dance Act.  Would you vote for us? Follow this link and be sure to click on Triplets Ghetto Kids on the pull down menu: Vote TGK on BEFFTA website

Thanks again for your support, your fantastic comments on YouTube, Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, G+ and here.  Thanks for being part of this incredible dream that is bringing hope to so many kids around the world.

Love as always, TGK Family!



New single: Olé Bravo!

Our second song in 2016 is now on YouTube for you to enjoy.  We’ve gone a bit European with our language this time.


The Spanish love to say Olé when they’re cheering and the linguists believe that it may come from the Arab influence in Spain, derived from calling out  “Allah!”.  It’s believed that when a dancer so impressed their public shouts of “Allah!” were heard because you could see the power of God through the brilliant movements in the dancing.



This word came into English from the Italians, it means brave.  It was, like Olé, a call of admiration at the sight of something very well done.


As a world phenomenon thanks to you, our fans in almost every country on the planet, Triplets Ghetto Kids want to give everything we do an international flavour.  We’re still pushing ourselves to make you call out at the top of your voices, ‘Olé’! and ‘Bravo!’


Listen to the video here on YouTube and tell us in the comments what you think 🙂

Please like, share and enjoy

Love as always, TGK family!


Have you caught StyleZo, yet?

Check out our latest African dance moves in Eddy Kenzo’s music video!

Triplets Ghetto Kids StyleZo 2016

StyleZo is a gentle song, it’s a love song and we had to be really smooth about the whole thing.  Can you tell?  We got loads of great comments on YouTube.  Ernfort Peabody said “You should teach us the dance” and there’s nothing to stop any of you trying it out for yourselves…but keep it smooth and don’t forget to smile, alright?

And don’t forget, we’re from the ghetto where many more kids just like us are still dreaming of a way out.  If you can, help us to help them.  Tell your friends about our videos, invite people to donate through PayPal, every little donation changes a life! Isn’t that brilliant?

As always, we love you and we love your style.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/eDsZAzClT-w

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New single: Mood

Our latest song is all about getting in the mood…. and staying there!

Are you gonna join us and dance to this one?  Maybe… you’ll really show how in-the-mood you are and upload a video of you dancing to it?  Who’s gonna dare?  😀

Come and join the mood.  We’ve had some great feedback so far.  Can you beat these amazing comments?

am in the mood…I will jump and touch the roof…you know how much I love you cos of keeping me in the mood always!  (faith imani, YouTube)

Imma try to dance to it and put it on YouTube. (Enfort Peabody, YouTube)

I watch your videos every morning and this inspires me, I repeat your dance steps. (Daina ABIE, YouTube)

I just can’t find words to describe it but trust me its awesome (Esther Ricky, YouTube)

There were so many comments that we enjoyed reading from all over the world!  Please leave us your comments, we love to read you!  TGK are in the mood for your words of wisdom.


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Donate via PayPal

A lot of you, our fans, have been asking how you can donate towards our efforts

We now have a really easy way to receive those donations!

Maybe you already knew or maybe you didn’t that we speak up for the millions of children who have nothing to live on because we know where we came from. We have first-hand experience of living without the hope of other people’s support and we know what those kids are going through every day and every night.

By using music, dance and drama we are proving to everybody that the vulnerable children around the world can actually make the world a better place. So we can continue telling our story through our popular dance videos, we rely on the generosity of ordinary people and businesses for support. Without the help of community-minded people just like you, the dream of these vulnerable children will never come true.  But every time somebody chooses to help, one more dream becomes a reality.

We ask that you support our efforts by making a donation. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work. Our community spreads all across the whole world. Remember every donation – no matter how small – makes a difference.

If you’re in Uganda you can also send your donations through Mobile Money on +2567718 50668

Thank you for your kind support and your great love!

Read about it in other places:

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Enjoy our videos

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