Our latest song is all about getting in the mood…. and staying there!

Are you gonna join us and dance to this one?  Maybe… you’ll really show how in-the-mood you are and upload a video of you dancing to it?  Who’s gonna dare?  😀

Come and join the mood.  We’ve had some great feedback so far.  Can you beat these amazing comments?

am in the mood…I will jump and touch the roof…you know how much I love you cos of keeping me in the mood always!  (faith imani, YouTube)

Imma try to dance to it and put it on YouTube. (Enfort Peabody, YouTube)

I watch your videos every morning and this inspires me, I repeat your dance steps. (Daina ABIE, YouTube)

I just can’t find words to describe it but trust me its awesome (Esther Ricky, YouTube)

There were so many comments that we enjoyed reading from all over the world!  Please leave us your comments, we love to read you!  TGK are in the mood for your words of wisdom.

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