Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo

Here’s a translation of the lyrics from Lugandan into English

Anko! = Play it again!  Enjole = Mummy/ corpse

Let me dance, dance for a moment

Life is too short and the music is so good (twice)

I don’t fear loss / I’m not afraid of losing

I don’t fear loss / I’m not afraid of losing

I’m the boss!

I don’t fear loss / I’m not afraid of losing

Dance! Dance!

We are the young and the vibrant (twice)

This song has a reason

Made in the mood for dancing

I don’t wanna fight

Cause this time is for dancing

I’ve told you I don’t wanna fight because this time is for dancing

Hey, you! Come closer

Life is a mess so come and show me some moves

The luxuries of this world will stay behind

Come on! Let’s have fun

Let me dance…

Hey, people,

Life is too short

I’ve already told you: Just let me be

When I remember where I’ve come from

and think about the beloved friends I’ve lost,

Who have left us and are buried where there is no sunshine,

One day I’ll be the same

So, don’t say anything, just enjoy yourself!

My life is mine,

It’s up to me how I live it

Just let me be

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Pancocojams blog

Ugandan Music Lyrics

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