Mama Ye Mama lyrics



Maama osibye otya maama
Maama wasuze otya,maama,
Nzize kunsiima bilungi
Muggwe maama
Maama oli mukyala muzira
Maama olwana entalo mubuto ngabwendwala lubeera lutalo
Kazigyeyo akasente munsawo
Nkaletedde gwe maama ofune akamwenyu
Yegwe yayola,
Nalimuto ngasilowooza Nakukula
Nganakasente okukafuna lutalo
Naye maamaaaa
Maama wabangawo
Okundabilira mumbeera eyooo

Patricia & Anitah:

Uuuuu maama Ye maama
Eeee maama Ye maama hmm maama Ye maama


Wakeeranga no’fumba kakyayi kukyoto
Kumakya no’nsibirira emmere mu dish
Mwanawange genda kussomero
Naye enjala tekuluma n’akamere akaako
Watunda nga ne ffene ofuna sukaali
Nga tumuttika netusindika akagaali
Nkusabira obelewo
Buwangaazi bwokka
Owangaale maama afazali
Nti ndiba bulungi
Gwe yangamba
Nkijjukila ngatuli munnyumba
Maama wansomesa eby’ensi eno nongumya
Ndikuwela ki maama


Singa maama
Yenze agaba ebitiibwa
Wandibadde otambulira
Ku red carpet
Era maama kankolennyo
Nkuwe ebilungibuli lukya oba ku budget
Welekereza okubela n’ensiimbi
Ng’olwanila kubera bulungi
Webale nyabo webale bambi
Mweno ensi eyajjula amagimbi
Nze bwe nkulaba nemegerera
Maama wanzijamu amalala agekivubuka
Kati yeggwe maama gwenkolera
Maama byenkusuubiza bya sanyu

Olé lyrics


Dr Fizol mu AVIE,
Guno tegwawula ba nvii,
Ghetto Kids the way we dancing,
Bicycle we dancing


Kagusindogeme ntaame!,
Ah, nabakadde gubalemeseza okuleka eddame,
Tubalekede nyo,
Kekaseera ah naffe tuwambe,
N’ewolaba nkyekekya nkyekekya nkyekekya,
Omuziki gumpabwe…eh, gumpabwe…


Olé! This is how we do,
This is how we do our chaka chaka,
This is how we sing, Olé! Olé!,
Olé! This is how we dance, this is how we ride a bicycle,
This is how we move,
Olé! This is how we do,
This is how we do our chaka chaka t
his is how we sing, Olé! Olé!


Olé! We party,
Olé! We are so natio,
Teli ali ku batti,
OK, shake, shake paka wansi,
Uzina gano fe tuzina gali,
Gwe Ticha, Ticha, nga oli wakabi,
We move to the beat nga abamanyi
Akagadde nga olaikinga,
Tuzina gano ffe tuzina gali,
Papa Kunda nga oli wakabi,
We move to the beat nga abamanyi,
Akagadde nga olaikinga…say


We move to the beat again,
The number one UG dance I sign,
We move together cause we one,
Hit by hit by hit, no doubt (repeat)


Olé! We party every day,
We go to school -u every day,
We sing and dance day to day, Olé, Olé!,
Olé! dance is what we say,
Shake your body ela okyuse,
Triplets major teacher say: Olé! Olé!,
We move together cause we united people,
Kampala, Ghana,
Come we make a circle,
Make a circle, a big circle (repeat)


Triplets, Triplets, Triplets, Triplets with AVIE, AVIE, AVIE Records


Chikuba!,Kampala, Uganda,
Kenya, Mombasa,
Dr. Fizol yachikuba,
Chikubo chite (repeat)


Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo English translation

Anko! = Play it again!  Enjole = Mummy/ corpse

Let me dance, dance for a moment

Life is too short and the music is so good (twice)

I don’t fear loss / I’m not afraid of losing

I don’t fear loss / I’m not afraid of losing

I’m the boss!

I don’t fear loss / I’m not afraid of losing

Dance! Dance!

We are the young and the vibrant (twice)

This song has a reason

Made in the mood for dancing

I don’t wanna fight

Cause this time is for dancing

I’ve told you I don’t wanna fight because this time is for dancing

Hey, you! Come closer

Life is a mess so come and show me some moves

The luxuries of this world will stay behind

Come on! Let’s have fun

Let me dance…

Hey, people,

Life is too short

I’ve already told you: Just let me be

When I remember where I’ve come from

and think about the beloved friends I’ve lost,

Who have left us and are buried where there is no sunshine,

One day I’ll be the same

So, don’t say anything, just enjoy yourself!

My life is mine,

It’s up to me how I live it

Just let me be

We took some suggestions from the following two helpful sites: (thanks to both of you)

Pancocojams blog

Ugandan Music Lyrics


  1. Nice to have such talented people like the triplets ghetto kids. Much love guys

    • thanks so much

  2. I love you guys so much I hope to see u soon in Africa when I come to visit you all in Kampala Uganda 💙Valarey

    • Thanks so much!! We definitely hope so.

  3. hie triplets ghetto kids my name is Roselyn from zimbabwe i am now addicted to you guys i cant even spend a day without watching your videos . My son also is inspired by you now he loves dancing and watching your videos. I cant explain my feelings but i love you guys especoally Alex he was my best but it is oss unfortunate life is not fair even when i no longer see him to me he still alive may his soul rest in peace…… Roselyn Zimbabwe

    • Thank you so much for your message and your kindness, we’re a bit late replying, sorry, it’s been a very busy summer!! Roselyn from Zimbabwe, dream big and never give up!

  4. Estoy tan emocionada al ver todo sus logros, me encanta poder leer las letras de las canciones, los amo tanto mis bellos amigos

    • Thanks 😉

  5. My favorite crew dance of world. I like see you dance. I see all videos. RIP ALEX. Please come to Angola Also. I am Angolan. Please post the letter Yamba

    • Hello to our Angolan family! Thanks very much for your message. More lyrics coming as soon as we can!

  6. Hello ghetto kids I Jast want to say that I love your dancing and your smil is so beautiful you are kind my name is Devota and I love you so much you are my bast friend may God bless you

    • Thanks as always for your messages and support, we appreciate

  7. Wooow gheto kids ur really the best this z umar from uganda but we stil needs ur vist in Hoima town thanx

    • OK Umar!!! Big up! Thank you 🙂

  8. When is the Nsiimye audio coming out? I can’t wait listen to it I’m so excited😁😁😁😁

    • Won’t be long, but there are a few other surprises on the way 🙂

  9. i’m feel so happy when i listen to this song u guys can make music this is my favourite song “ole this is how we do”

    • Thank you very much for your comment and your support! Olé!

  10. You guys you really rock my world, it was sad news to me when I heard Alex was nomore, I’m still in shock, I loved Alex so much. May his soul rest in eternal peace. You are very talented, genius guys. From Zimbabwe

    • I like sitya loss song though I couldn’t understand it’s meaning, bt the beat is cool and nice, you rock guys, keep the fire burning

      • We’re glad you like the song and the dance 🙂

    • Thank you Connie from Zimbabwe! Alex is always with us.

  11. ghetto kids..ur an insparation to our c
    ontinet and kids ever since i have shown ma kids ur vids they alwys want to carry ma phone..i say big up to big talent..and my lovely guy boss from south africa bt since i viewed ur vids i feel like im ugandan…..and ur choregraphy during shows is the best..god bless u guys..and that sory vid by justn bieber makes me cracks..u rock guys

    • Thank you very much!! We’re happy you enjoy our work. Thanks for your support 🙂

  12. Greetings and much Love from TEXAS! I am old now but I Love the Life you bring to the world through your music and dance! Though I’m a child of the diaspora I’ll always feel my African Roots!

    • Thank you! We’re pleased to be able to bring you happiness. Stay close to those roots!!

  13. You music is really inspiring to me when I hear it 😻😍😍

    • That’s brilliant! We’re happy to have that effect on you 🙂

  14. keep it up guys am your fun from Zambia. every time am on the net I make sure I check if you have some new stuff. Hope one day you’ll visit my country so that I can watch you live.

    • Thank you, Richard, let’s hope that will be soon

  15. Hi.. Im mike From Vancouver Canada.. We luv ur Dancing and songs.. My ? Where are you guys ? What country, City ? Thanks and keep on Moving!!!

    • Thanks Mike. We are from Uganda, the pearl of Africa 🙂

      • wow!! Uganda…the pearl of Africa..!! I love it that way..!!

        • Absolutely

  16. I love this song😍 My family is from Uganda,and we love this song!!

    • Great! Thanks for your comment, Kayla!

  17. This song inspired me from the moment I heard it. I love what you all are doing. I want to thank Kavuma most of all, because he is the reason these kids have become so great and I hope to be just like him when I get older. This song, your dancing, and your story have inspired me and keep inspiring me. Thank you all so much for what you do. You are not only helping yourselves, but you are also helping those from afar to accomplish great goals and believe in their selves. Please keep up the good work. I also hope to hear when you guys come back to the U.S so that I can meet you all one day!

    • Thank you for your kind words and we are very glad that we inspire you to want to not settle for what you’re given but fight for better. Anyone in the world can start something.. the important thing is to start. 🙂

  18. Hi. Love this song…. actually one of my dance students started to choreoghraped a piece and I assisted her with it. The title of the dance is ” Ja’dore Danser ” which is French for ” I Love to Dance”..perfect song. Keep good.

    • That’s great, Jay, it’s a very positive song!

  19. I love you guys!

    • thank you, Latoya! God bless

  20. Hey guys! I just wanted to say you guys are beautiful! I love the way you all dance and have fun! I would love to see you guys in person!

    • Hopefully we’ll meet in person one day, Tiffany 🙂

  21. It was my birthday on Friday Ghetto Kids

    • Happy birthday to you, Gloria!!!

  22. I watch all your vidoes every day

    • Thanks

  23. wow this is so beautiful I’ve been listening to this song for so long yet I never knew what it meant, but from the very beginning I knew it meant something special. It always brings me happiness, you guys are very special and thanks for sharing the beautiful Africa.

    • Yes, it’s a great song and that was why we wanted people to know what it meant. We’re glad our work is doing good for people like you and many others, that’s the best thing a person can ask for.

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