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To all our TGK Family:

Friends, fans and supporters around the world


We want to give you something personal to go with you in your busy lives so we've prepared wallpapers for your smartphones.  

Please note that this is a generic image for all smart phones and may appear differently on different models.  We do our best to test the images on a variety of phones before we release it.  If it gives you any trouble please leave us a message stating which phone you're using and the issue and we'll do what we can to provide fixes.

We hope to add more images for phones, tablets and desktops very soon. 

Keep dancing, smiling and sharing!

Press the image and save it to your device

Go to settings and select it as your wallpaper

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17 thoughts on “Free downloads

  1. ho incominciato da poco a seguirvi e sono entusiasta di voi. vorrei una vostra foto con indicato il nome di ciascuno di voi, vi saluto e vi abbraccio. buon lavoro.

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Unfortunately we don’t have anything official like that right at the moment but you’ll know when we do.

  2. Hi ghetto kids. The wallpaper does not work on my mobile my phones name is lG spirit thank for all job u do it’s really nice i love it.

    1. Hello there. Could you tell us exactly what problem the wallpaper is giving you? Is it a problem with the size or the file type or setting it up? On LG Spirit (Android 5.0 or above) you need to press a blank part of the screen and select the wallpaper from the options. If the wallpaper doesn’t appear among the images, you may have to search for where it has downloaded onto your phone. I hope that helps! (from TGK technical support)

  3. Hi, I’m Tim from Kenya and I’ve become a great fan of this group of late. Where can I get the Sorry by Justin Bieber video as the one on YouTube has been removed?

  4. bonjour à tous
    je suis un jeune camerounais qui aime bien votre travail et vos activités. bref je voudrais vous faire un ptit coucou et encore beaucoup de courage dans toutes vos actvités.
    très bonne année 2017 a vous, tous mes vœux les meilleures et que Dieu vous bénisse.

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