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dance is a way of life for us

Now we're sharing our way of life with everybody.  First we danced on video and in shows,  now we're teaching dance at our new studio in Kampala.  If you're interested in more information please contact us, we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Feel free to email us from this link: contact us

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68 thoughts on “Dance Studio

  1. It’s really amazing when i grow up i’ll come and visit your dance studio and buy clothes from tgk fashionhouse i’m really inspired of u guys much love

  2. Guys you are just amazing! I have a question for you tho, does your dance style have a name? like there are “Kuduro” or “Coupé-Décalé” etc.. Or Is it just a development of traditional Uganda’s dances / steps? What are its origins (briefly ;))? Thanks a lot and keep rocking!! 🙂

    1. Well, we’ve done a lot of work with a lot of traditional styles from all over Uganda and other parts of Africa, as we progress we learn more and add more to our abilities and our styles so in a way it’s a mixture of the traditional and what comes from all our work.

  3. hi am brendah from Kenya..hv spend my 3 hrs today goggling about you, downloading ur videos and I was telling my small siz to just take a step like yours doesn’t matter the background shes very good at dancing BT shys off …I love you guys keep the fire burning and for the record u inspire many …

  4. Corrigindo uma palavra em meu comentário; África e não gráfica”. Se eu fosse em Uganda um dia, gostaria de visitar este projeto e conhecer estes jovens. Embora não domino muito o inglês e não entendo quando falam em seu dialeto, mas assito as entrevistas e tento entender o que estes jovens simpáticos estão falando!

    1. Thank you for your message. You could find the translator on Google useful for text in English but yes, we can’t translate Lugandan! 😉

      1. Hello I’m from Brazil. I appreciate this project is common today present to Africa with young people, children and adults passing needs, refugees. However even knowing the needs, I see the joy of this project. The first time in the “Sorry” clip I have since subscribed to the channel and I follow all the videos. Cool. I’m a fan of these young people.

      2. I’m from Brazil, I really like you. I accompany all clips.I would love to meet you and the project. But I’m too far away! That’s why I try to update myself with the videos. My English is not so good. I translate some and use the internet translator to do the rest. I’m bored by your talent. Joy of you is very contagious. Cheers. Keep it up!

  5. Ola, sou do Brasil. Aprecio este projeto é comum hoje apresentar a gráfica com jovens, crianças e adultos passando necessidades, os refugiados. No entanto mesmo sabendo das necessidades, vejo a alegria deste projeto. A primeira vez no clip “Sorry” Desde então me inscrevi no canal e acompanho todos os vídeos. Bacana. Sou fã destes jovens.

  6. As I can see you guyz luv Nigerians
    You dance” shkiti bobo” by OLAMILE
    You dance “sekem” by MC.Galaxy
    You dance”shoki” by lilkesh
    That shows dat you luv nigerians
    And we luv you too

  7. You guys are awesome…Nice dance moves on the unforgettable song by French Montana keep up with the good work….

  8. I love you guy so much you guys are like my siblings you guys are so talented and so sweet such sweet hearts 💖❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖😍i love u my brothas an sistas

  9. I like very much your videos and, of course, your human rights work. Thanks for fighting for kid’s rights, no matter their gender, religion, sexuality. They all have the same innocent heart and they need to be protected till they have the tools to do it from themselves. Have a nice day, and a nice life for you all. Keep on working !!

  10. I have been flowing you guys since Sitya Loss and the way you guys have grown and have being doing for your community is amazing. Sending love all the from New York keep up the good work.

  11. Hello guys, you guys are awesome. I like all your dancing steps. My favourite is Fred dancing in Stylozo by Eddy. You guys brought African heritage live to our livingroom. May God protect and guide you. Pls humble yourself and be close to God. Hopefully Fred will be my son in law 🙂 I live in Atlanta Georgia. Love you guys!

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support! We’re so glad you enjoy our videos and that they make you feel connected to African heritage! Happy new year!

  12. hello this is gonzaga peter from Nigeria , i have been circulating your videos in my scholl i love you guys like mad , i am also sorry for you lost (Alex)

  13. I LOVE the mission of Triplets foundation. I would also love to see you guys perform in person but Ghetto Kids have yet to come to Atlanta, Georgia. Please do!

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